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                About Us

                Company Profile

                Ningbo Qiaoshi Rubber & Plastics Co.,Ltd (‘Qiaoshi’) is one of the best global supplier to produce automotive components, established in 1992, and is now located in Yuyao, China. She is specialized in automotive brake system for commercial and passenger’s cars, is Zhejiang Province R&D Center and National High-tech Enterprise.

                Currently, Qiaoshi has acquired two production bases and a commercial office: Ningbo Qiaoshi Rubber &Plastic Corp, Zhejiang Qiaoshi Industry Co.,Ltd, Qiaoshi Corp(Canada).More than 200 employees are now working in Qiaoshi, including 45 technical personnals.

                Main products in Qiaoshi are Air Brake Chamber Diaphragm, Brake Fluid Reservoirs, Valve Body, Check?Valve and other rubber / plastic parts. With anual production capacity of 15 million diaphragms and 5 million reservoirs, Qiaoshi supply excellent product and service to major OEMs throughout the world.

                Founder:Xianqiao Zhu